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What about Shelly?

It’s taken me many years, decades actually to figure that out myself. I believe the best way to find out who I am is to follow me through my writing, my speaking, and my social media.

However, I will be happy to tell you what’s happening in my life right now.

 I am the founder of The Rescue Yourself Project and creator of Unleash the Power of YOU!

My mission is to help other women, over 40, become the best they can be, and live and create a life they love.

My mission is accomplished through my book (which is in progress right now), hosting a twice-monthly talk show – TRYP (The Rescue Yourself Project) Power Hour and through a video series called Real Talk.


Here are a few fun tidbits about me:

I ran away from home when I was 50.

I have done a tandem dive out of an airplane

I ran a half-marathon

I once free lanced for Doug Pitt, Brad’s brother

I love coffee and tried to give it up twice. (I will never forsake you again coffee)

I have hiked a few 14,000 ft. mountains, including Mt. Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado and 2nd highest in the lower 48

I don’t subscribe to any conventional wisdom in my writing, my talk show, my friends, or my life

I have worked in the non-profit, and public sector for over 20 years

I’ve had brief stints as a barista, wine server, housekeeper, and event coordinator


I have spent many hours becoming the woman I was meant to be. I will never be other than who I am, ever again.