The Rescue Yourself Project

 Can you relate to my story?

After so many years of being what everyone else wanted or thought I should be – I was lost. I knew I wanted and needed something but I wasn’t sure what that was.  Hell, I didn’t even know who I really was. How could I know what I wanted, where I wanted to go and how I was going to get there?

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The more I struggled with being authentic and creating a life of my own the deeper I sank into despair and anger.  My true self was trying to surface.  But I didn’t know what to do with her and I was afraid.  I had been who I was so long, although unhappy, it was what I knew and change is scary!

I reached bottom the year I turned 50.   I was consuming so much alcohol and taking anti-depressants to try to calm the rage inside me.  Now I know that rage was just me trying to break free of a life that was not of my making and didn’t fit who I wanted to be.  I cried all the time. I was angry and I blamed everyone for how shitty my life was.


I ran away from home.  Quit my job of 11 years, took all the money I had (about $1,000) sold my stuff and headed for Colorado.  Yes that was drastic – but at the time I felt that was my only option.  I was out there for eight months and wow did my life change.  I learned so much about myself, what I wanted, where I wanted to go, what I wanted my life to look like.

And from that was born The Rescue Yourself Project

Where YOU stop reading the fairy tales and YOU take control of your life.

Where YOU stop waiting for someone or something to make your life better.

I want you to join me. My passion is to help other women take control of their lives and create a life they love.  It can be anything you want.  It can be big and brash or it can be quiet and unassuming.  But whatever it is make it yours.  Make it authentic.  Be passionate about where you are going and the things you do.  Be happy and healthy. Find your tribe. Stop being fearful. Be creative – whether it’s writing, painting, dancing, knitting, coloring or growing the best roses on the block.  But be you and make your life yours!

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