No Filter – My New Superpower

No Filter – My New Superpower

Since my podcast with Heather I’ve thought a lot about my no filter approach to that chat.

Link is at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in listening.

Before I go on, I feel I need to say this: no filter is not an excuse to be an asshole and treating others like shit. Y’all know what I mean by this. People go about saying, “Well this is who I am, like it or not. I’m just being my authentic self.”

Uh no – you are being an ass.

Okay enough about that.

Back in the day, well actually a few short months ago if I had been asked my thoughts on creating a life you love I would have spouted off a few tired, worn-out, and overused motivational platitudes. Even though I have always fucking hated them. I was NEVER motivated by motivational videos, or quotes, or posters. Oh sure I felt good while watching them, who doesn’t. All that beautiful music, great voice narrating, breathtaking photos. How can you not feel motivated?

Then you look away and face your less than desirable life, perhaps even really shitty life and that moment is gone.

I was trying to motivate women when I wasn’t even motivating myself.

Because I was not speaking my truth. I was just spewing the same old, same old.

Want to get motivated and start living a life you love?

Here is the no filter. Just do it. Yes, get your lazy ass off your couch. Perhaps literally or maybe you live on a metaphorical couch, whatever just do it.

The best decision I made was running off to Colorado for 8 months. For me that was huge. No job, no money, only two friends out there. I’ve been afraid all my life – but that year I somehow mustered up the courage to just do it. Maybe feeling like I had hit rock bottom had something to do with it…

You can get up early, drink a crap ton of lemon water, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, think positive thoughts and yet still not take the necessary action to live a life you love. I did all those things and ended up drinking myself stupid, drunk texting my ex-husband, and entertaining too many toxic people.

What is it you want? Quit being passive ( put down the self-help book, quit listening to inspirational videos,) and start. You can become your own motivational poster!

As a woman over 50 – it’s your time. Don’t you feel it? You know it. You know our own truth now. Right now at 54 I care less and less every day what others think of me. Seriously. Take that super power and use it. It’s a terrible thing to waste!

Here’s my chat with Heather.


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