About Shelly

About Shelly

When I do a search for “what women over 50 want” there are literally millions of hits on topics about sex, dating, hairstyles, and fashion.  Surely this is not what women over 50 are about.  Are we?  I’m not.   My blog was born out of the desire to design my life after 50, develop my skill at writing, and create a space for women over 50 who want more out of life than the apparent shallowness of Google.   I hope you will join me.


About me

You want to know about me? Ask me. Because I could write a whole bunch of words right here about how much I love coffee, writing, traveling, and whatever. I jumped out of an airplane once.   I live with my boyfriend. I need to visit seven more states and I will have been in every state on the main land USA.

My main plan for my life – to get my shit together before I turn  60.

I am in the process of stopped writing a book about my great transformation of 2012, but to be honest because it really sucks and I am sick and tired of that story.

Here’s a nifty video I made about me.

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