Trying to Hear Myself Think

Trying to Hear Myself Think

I haven’t written a blog post since April 2. It seems much longer than that, I was sort of afraid to look because it’s felt like months.

Perhaps it’s because April, it seems, has been nothing but rain and dreary. I’ve spent most of that time feeling my Vitamin D level plummet. (Factually noted by recent blood work.)

What have I been doing?

I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel so damn horrible lately.

I indulged in some real self-care – I gave up my every day cups of coffee, my almost every day glasses of wine, and the notion that anyone needs to care about what I have to say. (It’s lovely when others care but I don’t need for them to care anymore.)

More real self-care – I got a mammogram and my yearly physical.

(Shelly how is real self-care different than self-care?

Great question! I see the self-care that roams the internet as surface. If you want real self care you have to go deeper, go beyond the mani/pedi. Take a look at your habits, your core values, what you eat. That’s real self-care. Not that massages aren’t great, in fact I am having one today!)

Worked on an event that raised almost $60,000

I’ve binged watched lots of shows. I’ve taken lots of naps. I’ve stared out the window more than usual.

My partner and I have planned our first long road trip of the year – New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Going through at least three, hopefully four, national parks. (You can follow our adventures here and here,  if you want. We’ve just started this project so you won’t see much, just keep checking back!)

I’m just being. Trying to get rid of the noise of the last five years so I can hear myself think.

That’s it…just being.


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