Use Your Goals To Enhance Your Journey

Use Your Goals To Enhance Your Journey

My route to the top of Mt. Bierstadt outside of Denver, CO

The path to our goals is not a straight line. Nor should it be. Is there any fun in that?

Most of us set a goal, then put on binders so that nothing is seen in our peripheral vision. Super focused, which is good, but I am going to challenge you to approach your goals in a different manner.

Much like the rest of life goals look good on paper, but when put into practice they fall apart. Life gets in the way and the goal we imagine, which starts out as a big fat pot of gold, fizzles into a plastic piggy bank with a $1.50 worth of change clanking about.

We look around, discouraged, and ponder if perhaps we should not pursue a different goal or just give up all together. (I have been both places, too many times!)

I am going to offer you a different way to look at goals. Your goals are a direction you move, your compass of sorts. When you become solely committed to the goal and the end product isn’t what you wanted, then you are left with the unhappiness and discouragement of not meeting your goal.

I am going to propose to you when you set goals, set them on what you want to accomplish. However, also think about how you want to be or feel. For example,

You set you goal “I will lose 30 pounds in three months.”

Then typically we set activities that read like this:

  • I will go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • I will eat only salads for lunch

What I challenge you to do is re frame these activities

  • I will be the woman who walks three days a week
  • I will be the woman who develops a healthy meal plan to follow

Get my drift. These activities are a way of being, of feeling. And while you are still moving toward your goal of losing 30 pounds you are much more focused on the activities, which I like to call your journey.

Also, outcomes are often out of our control or we underestimate how much time it will take to reach our goal. However, I firmly believe we need to set those goal numbers and deadlines. A vague goal of losing weight or saving more money doesn’t provide us with a solid framework on which to build.

Being that person who… is letting go of some of the strict outcomes and we can develop activities that provide us a journey to enjoy along the way. We see our end goal, and we have a lot of flexibility to get there. The journey is what gets us to our end goals – the goal itself does not.

I wrote a recent blog about my commitment to grow my life. Being and feeling the way I want my life to go, instead of just being a goal with a strict metric to achieve is a place to start.

How about you? Do you have goals? Have you thought about how you want to be or feel within the context of your goals?

I would love to hear. Pop your thoughts in the comments below


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