Where are your goals?

Where are your goals?

It’s March already. Do you know where your life is heading?

Statistically speaking you have already kicked your 2017 New Year resolutions and goals out of your life. They lay discarded in a corner on top of previous years of hope, wasted money, and dreams you have given up on.

Or maybe they aren’t in the corner. Maybe your 2017 goals and resolutions are hanging on, like a forgotten friend desperately trying to get your attention. You are not quite at the point of letting go, but you are content to ignore. 

Either way you are not moving forward, on anything.

I’ve been in a rut for about five years now. Not a serious rut. There are aspects of my life that are moving along quite nicely. Okay there is one – my relationship with Steve. Everything else is stuck in 2012. I had a nice year or so where I was on fire. But that fire has since gone out.

I sound like a broken record. Wasn’t I writing about this a decade ago?

Yes I was.

A few days ago I had a serious talk with myself and made an appointment with my doctor. I feel like shit. It’s not only my physical well being. My finances, personal and professional development, friendships – all stalled. And it’s wrecking havoc on me physically and emotionally.

There is no secret sauce, really, to create a life you love. If you are like me you think, “If I just find that one thing, that magic pill, my life will be perfect.”

Growing a life is work. And I am lazy. I want to wake up, and have that book written, my extra weight gone, my pantry full of healthy food, and a million dollars in the bank.

Well it’s been decades and there have been no “grow your life” fairies conducting life makeovers as I sleep.

My plan to grow my life. Feel free to use it.

Develop That Skill

For me it’s writing. This blog will be one way to keep me consistent with writing, and also hone my skill. I am going to post two written blogs and two podcasts a month.

Read, Read, Read

Something beside social media posts. My goal is to read a book a month and report back to you. (Got a good book to recommend?)

Set Goals

I know all about goal setting. But all I did was preach about setting goals. I never practiced much!

I will share my process with you, in terms of my goals, and the resources I use.

Is this going to be ground breaking. No, there are a shit ton of people out there doing the exact same thing, so why should you follow me? I have only two reasons for you:

I am not fake

I don’t care if you are impressed – this is about me. It’s only important to me if you are able to take something I say or write and grow your life.

I am now going to steal from the group The Bottle Rockets and their song, My Dog.

I love my dog (blog)
I love this song (blog)
It’s my song (blog)
If you don’t love this song (blog)
That’s okay
I don’t want you to
This isn’t about you
It’s about my dog (blog)

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