Bob Dylan

Steve and I saw Bob Dylan on April 11 in Little Rock and Santana on April 12 in Kansas City.

A side note here, I ‘ve seen Santana live four times, and if there is ever a live show to see, Santana is it.

Let’s start with the Dylan show.

Bob Dylan stage – Robinson Theatre Little Rock, Arkansas.

I have a confession – I don’t care for Bob Dylan’s voice. He’s a great songwriter, and I love when other people sing his songs, The Basement Tapes for example. But Dylan – not so much.

I know, I know. I get the same response when I tell people I don’t like avocadoes. How can you not like Bob Dylan or avocadoes?

One morning Steve informed me that the night before he bought us both tickets to see Dylan. (He knows I do not care for Dylan.)

This led into a conversation about he gets a bit irritated at me if I don’t like a band as much as he does. To which is said, “that’s true.” I would go on one condition – no irritation at me for not liking Bob Dylan. It’s a given, he knows this and while I like to keep an open mind, seeing an 80 year old Dylan was not probably not going to change my mind.

(My mind was not changed.)

Bob Dylan, the Nobel Prize winner, and songwriter was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”


During the concert Dylan kept behind the piano, in the dark, and mumbled (even more so) his way through songs. I literally could not understand a word the man said.

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On occasion he would get up from the piano, and walk or should we say teetered to the middle of the stage. He stood there for a few seconds, put one hand on his hip and then walked back to the stage.

It was odd, and awkward.

Now, I believe people should keep on, keeping on until they take their last breath. So I have mixed feelings when I say this:

Bob you need to hang it up with the singing.

There I said it.


The first time I saw Santana was in Kansas City, and he opened up for Rod Stewart. Odd pairing right? I listened to Santana in my teenage years, but I was a bigger Rod Stewart fan, at that time.

I fell in love with Santana, and Rod was a bit of a disappointment. He did his Vegas show, all flashy with lots of costume changes. We were often left listening to his band while he changed outfits. I would have loved to see Rod on a stool, playing a mandolin, and singing Maggie May. But I have to say, the dude can still kick a soccer ball into a crowd, while singing. Brilliant!

The second time I saw Santana was in Albuquerque, New Mexico on an open air stage. And this was the first time I saw his wife Cindy do a drum solo.

Holy hell! Check it out yourself

Fried Tacos

If you are ever in Kansas City, check out Ponaks. Margarita’s with none of that nasty sweet and sour, and strong!

Fried tacos (Taco Sonora), take some cooked shredded beef, place in a flour shell, and fry. Add cheese, tomatoes, pico, and man oh man!

I know what you are going to ask. I thought you didn’t eat meat or dairy Shelly! Hmmmm???

I am not vegan. I have adopted a whole food plant based diet, but there are a few times I stray. And my once a year trip to Ponaks is one of them.

Ponaks never disappoints!

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