Because they probably aren’t.

I have been writing for decades. Before I get into that, let’s take a look at the photo below. Taken on our sixth annual trip to Gulf Shores over the Christmas holiday.

Gulf Shores Alabama 2021. Photo Credit Steve Weiss

Where was I?  

I’ve been writing for decades. There are scraps of paper in the bottom of my purse, stuffed in desk drawers, my many attempts at newsletters and blogs are floating out there in the vast space of the internet.  

My recent passion to write, by recent I mean over the last ten years, was fueled by my desire to inspire other women over 50 to get out there and live their lives for themselves. At 50 I left home and went to Colorado for 8 months, and it did change my life. 

However, as I was trying to inspire other women, I was uninspired for the most part. My life still did not feel like my own, so I wandered through my 50’s as I had wandered through my entire life. 

I did a few projects here and there but was I feeling them?  I don’t know. 

So, if I am going to write as if no one is reading why not just take one of my many notebooks and fill those pages?  Good question to which I have no answer. 

I do know there are a few watching.  I see the stats in the backend of this website.  Every month someone searches for me and this website pops up.  There’s been nothing here for a long time. 

There will be no schedule. I will write when I feel I have something to say.  

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Until next time….stay awesome!