Oh the about page – what to say, what to say.

Just me and my cello

2022 and I’ve turned 60. And after years of saying I would love to play the cello – I am doing just that. Learning the cello.

I suppose the main thing I want to say here is that I am fed up. The fog I’ve been slogging through for decades is lifting, and I am seeing things more clearly.

Turning 60 has brought me clarity on how I want to live my life, what and who I want to surround myself with, and to live with no more regrets.

Turning 60 has brought me the desire to truly start loving and forgiving myself.

Turning 60 has brought me the shedding of expectations, and learning to live life on my own terms.

Thanks for being here. This is a personal space where I share my thoughts, and cello playing!

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