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Is a story a story if it’s never told

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I attended a fund raiser at the end of April for an agency that provides services to victims of violent and sexual crimes.  The speaker was a father whose young son had been molested during a Super Bowl Sunday party, many years ago.

When the father asked his son, now 17, if he could tell his story, the son said yes, for “is a story a story if it’s not told.”

Yes, that young man’s story is his story regardless of whether he shares it with the world or not.  However, by sharing his story he was perhaps able to help someone else come forward who had been a victim.

I thought a lot about his statement.

It could apply to lots of things.

  • Are you a writer if no one reads your work?
  • Are you a painter if no one sees your paintings?
  • Are you a singer if no one hears you sing?
  • Are you a maker if you don’t show anyone your widgets?
  • Are you a gardener if you never take your roses to the farmers market?
  • Do you create just for the sake of creating? For the love of creating?

Getting sucked up by the hustle culture (I will never be able to compete with Brene’ Browns podcast)

When I started my podcast, I did it because I really wanted to have conversations with women over 50. I was super interested in breaking through the stereotypes of what it means to be a woman over 50 today.

True to form I immersed myself into everything podcast. Eventually leading me down the rabbit hole of monetization, running my own business, podcast masterminds, making my podcast fancier, and on and on.  How could I make a living off my podcast?

Then I started getting so many emails from people wanting to be on my podcast – people who had obviously not listened or knew what the show was about.  

No – I don’t want you to come on my show to talk about your pelvic floor strengthener.  Not that our pelvic floor isn’t important – just not what the show was about.

I began to lose the reason I started the podcast to begin with.  The more I pushed the lousier I felt.

Hustle, hustle, and hustle harder Shelly, and yes you can spend more months at the beach.

One size does not fit all

I love how “gurus” tell you they have a different way of doing things, when really they don’t.  Often times it’s regurgitated info, or so obvious. (Yes, I am finger pointing at you Gary V.)

Profound – she smirks.

Side note here: obvious is comfortable. It reinforces what we already think or what we are already doing.  

What do you want to create just for the sake of creating?  Or are you creating now and have never shared?

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