Live Your Life On Purpose – Looking Back at Regrets

When I was 40 I would look back and regret the things I did not do. And as I wallowed in my regrets I kept on the path of least resistance, while resigning myself to the “fact” that I was too old.

Now at 60 it’s the perfect time to look back at regrets, pick out the ones that you want to take back, and get busy.

Have a life of no regrets is impossible. My hope is that you take a look at your regrets as clues to living your life on purpose, after 60. Looking back and lamenting our regrets is useless, as we cannot change the past. However, we can take these regrets and move forward.

The month I turned 60 I started cello lessons. For decades I told myself I really wanted to learn the cello, yet never did anything about it. It was not a regret I wanted to be carrying when I was 80.

I even held a recital for my friends while in Gulf Shores.

I hope you will join me on this journey, and see your regrets as a tool to living your life on purpose.

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