Playing the Cello at 60

After decades of telling people that I would love to learn to play the cello I finally picked up a cello and started taking lessons!  At 60 – yes at 60 I am venturing into the world of sucking at something new.

You can follow my progress on Instagram as well. 

One of my biggest regrets was that I did not continue with my music.  I started the piano at around 5 – I think.  The clarinet in sixth grade and started playing the tenor sax in junior high.  I was drum major my senior year, and during concert season that year I played the Eb clarinet.

I have no experience with string instruments, and I can barely read bass clef.  Everything I know how to play was played in treble clef.

In addition, on the cello, there are no holes to cover, no frets, I have to learn the correct finger positions, and then use muscle memory.  My cello teacher did place cello tape on the neck of my cello to help speed up the process.

I’ve been at it about a month now, as of end of August 2022. 

So why the cello?

Because it’s such a beautiful instrument.

Here is one of my favorite cello players – seen this group twice live in a very small venue.  She’s a brilliant cello player.

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