I love this shampoo by Just Nutritive – the first time I used it I noticed a real difference in the shine. It was less dull and less frizzy. Click on photo to see full product information. I now shampoo my hair once a week. Scroll down to see photos.

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Embrace your natural gray hair!

Get rid of dullness while enhancing shine and removing brassiness.

Gray hair can be out of control or it can be sleek, shiny and sophisticated. Embracing your natural gray requires the right hydrating and cleansing to ensure silver strands appear stellar, healthy and not yellow.

Chlorine, heat styling and products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, mousses and vitamins can leave a residue on the hair shaft causing yellowness. Yellow hair can also occur as your hair picks up particles from the environment like minerals and other chemical residues in water, sunlight, and even oils from your scalp. This can dull and tinge silver hair, unless you’re equipped with a bundle of solutions that keeps your silver hair ultra-shiny and clean.

I went from the photo on the left to a head of glowing gray hair.

How did I get my hair to be straight? This really nifty hair dryer brush in one. I swear by it – cuts my hair drying in half, no more trying to finagle a round brush and a hair dryer. Click photo for more information and to purchase.

If you used either of these products let me know what you thought!!!