Quiet Moments, Sunny Winter Morning, and Managing My Book List

My mornings start about an hour or so before Steve gets up. Early morning gives me time to journal, make coffee, and meditate before getting Steve ready for his day.

I meditate for five minutes with the goal of adding more minutes as my practice progresses. I sit in my papasan chair, legs crossed, hands on knees, back straight, with the timer set. My mind wanders in and out of thought – each one knocking at the door, “Please let us in; we won’t stay but a second.” I let them in and can usually escort them out quickly.

One of those thoughts was of my book list and in what order I would read my books. Instead of picking a book willy-nilly, I needed a process. I made it easy and decided to go down the list as they are listed on this site, alternating between fiction and non-fiction/memoir.

That process, although a mighty fine one, is becoming problematic. As I go down the list, the first three books had holds on them at my local library and on the Libby app.

I did get a notice that the book The Vaster Wilds is available. That was quick! I also have the memoir “A Living Remedy” that I’ve started. These books should keep me busy for the week.

After meditating, I stepped out on the balcony for fresh air, and to my delight, the sun was out on this rather cold morning!

What is your process for checking books off your reading list?

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