Using Regrets To Live Your Life Today

You’ve probably heard this phrase, or even said it yourself – “I have no regrets.”  Especially if you are a woman over 60.

I’ve said it many times. 

However, I do have many regrets. 

The old coulda, woulda, shoulda.

In his latest book Daniel Pink writes about the power of regret, and how we can use our regrets for good. One of the interesting studies in the book was as we age, we regret the things we did not do.  As opposed to when we were younger, we regretted the things we did.

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Perhaps like me you created a firm stand against regrets because they are too painful to think about. I know the feeling of wallowing in regrets – been there many times.

Pink encourages us to look at regret a different way.  If we cannot reflect upon regret, we cannot learn from it. I see many of my regrets as mistakes I made. Not knowing then what I know now about life, I can shake the shame of those regrets.

One of my biggest regrets was not keeping up with my music.  In this video here on my TikTok I chat about my past musical history. I will continue my story and thoughts in later videos.

@shellydrymon A peek into my musical past.#celloplaying #womenover40 #womenover50 #womenover60 #bebraveenoughtosuckatsomethingnew ♬ original sound – Shelly

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So, it’s a regret – how can I move forward? 

Well for starters I am learning to play the cello, in instrument I’ve said for decades I wanted to learn.  After a couple of years of learning the cello, my plan is to get back on the piano.

For many years I wallowed in regrets. Now I cannot go back and fix all the mistakes I made or have any do-overs. But the ones I can do something about I am.

So, I encourage you to ask yourself this question – what regret can you make up for now?  Join us over on Substack and let’s have a conversation!

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