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Women over 60 – Positivity and Problem Solving

Photo is of me looking at something at Port Orford, Oregon. Photo Credit – Steve Weiss

I wholeheartedly believe in the small moments of joy, the pep talks before an important meeting or event, and finding moments of stillness to calm the ever-active brain. However, these are not solutions to the many complex problems we face. Do your navel gazing for a brief moment, and then get to work.

Navel gazing does not allow us to dig deep into the variables of any equation we are working to solve or even pondering if it is an equation we want to solve at all.

Instead of wondering why we feel like a loser get curious and ask yourself what circumstances might be in the way. In a recent blog post I wrote:

I listened to a podcast where a young man had tried one of those productivity morning routines. When he could not get up at 5:00 a.m. he asked himself why he was such a loser. How in the world was he to be productive if he could not even complete the first task of the day?

That is when he decided to get curious as to why he wasn’t getting up.

In his pondering he realized he could not get up that early because he was working 15 hours a day, and he was exhausted!

Can we really remove all the discomfort and doubt that interferes with the creation of the beautiful life we read about?

My friends hate watching shows with me.  I’ve never been one to suspend disbelief or let go of rationality. I’m constantly pointing out holes, and ridiculous quick fixes, and totally implausible scenes.  I’m hyper-literal.

 I’ve come to realize it from that position I’m provided with more answers and comfort than years of self-help.

This position allows me to recognize that change is possible because we can identify the challenges around us.

Get curious, talk with others, look the unpleasant shit in the face. From there can come real change.