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Women over 60 – Stop Taking Requests

woman showing stop gesture with hand

Jason Isbell has a song titled “Be Afraid” that contains the lyric: We don’t take requests/We won’t shut up and sing/Tell the truth enough/You find it rhymes with everything.”

He wrote this in response to his fans who don’t like his outspoken nature, and has told him to just shut up and sing.

Are you ready to stop taking requests?

I’ve heard this song so many times either with Steve playing the album, or hearing Isbell live on stage.

However, a few days ago this line really struck me.

How many requests have you taken over your life?

And if you didn’t feel that the request was just something you could do, you were told to “just shut up and sing”?

The beauty in getting older, well one of many, is society can take their damn requests and shove them.

Don’t be loud

Sit like a lady

Don’t go gray – you will look old

Stop making waves

Quite being so bossy

Well you were asking for it

Get married and have some kids

Time to retire

Don’t wear your hair long

You can’t wear jeans after 50

What are some of your favorites?

At 60 it’s about damn time we had the stage. You are allowed to feel, think, do, act, and be who you are.

I’m not taking any more requests. How about you?

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