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Yoga, Podcasts, and Upcoming Plans

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Howdy friends!

I was a guest on Dreams and Detours podcast hosted by Susan Montanaro. Please give it a listen. It really was a great interview about staying curious, getting out of my lane when necessary, and using the crossroads of turning 50 as a launching pad for a redesigned life.

You can find the episode here and here. You can check out other episodes on the website here.

I’ve started Yoga, and wow my thighs are feeling it. I have always loved Yoga, but due to my icky sinus issue I couldn’t. Any downward facing dog would lead to a deluge of snot. You get the picture.

Plans and Plans and Plans. For those of you who know me I am an introvert, and cherish my weekends, and my balcony. The next three weekends I find myself with plans. Will I survive? We shall see.

For more indepth about all of the above – join my Substack.

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