Self-Care Amidst Grief – My Conversation with Brenda Colter

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Leaning into grief

Brenda and I have a conversation about the murder of her son, and within this larger conversation, we talk about the topic of self-care amidst grief, juggling responsibilities, and dealing with employers.

Brenda has a podcast, Opinionated & Enlightened. In the next season, she will talk more about her son’s death and her spiritual journey.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of a crime, you have rights, and there is help. Here are two resources: The National Center for Victims of Crime and the United States Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime. Local judicial systems will sometimes have a victim advocate on staff to help you with additional resources.

You Host- Shelly Drymon

Former nonprofit professional who became a caregiver overnight

My mission is to empower and inspire women to embrace their life transitions as opportunities for wellness, growth, and self-discovery and live their lives with clarity, purpose, and joy. Committed to honesty, integrity, and authenticity, I lead by example, showing that it’s never too late to live a life you love.

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